Sunday, September 2, 2007

True Story. Comic

No. Seriously. This happened. Well except the gold-digging. That's fictional. But people do do it. The girl there in the blue is my awesome amiga Rae whom I go to Hanson shows with for great justice. It's also true I own that jacket. I love the darned thing. I wear it almost all the time like a cartoon character. Har. I know the cartoon here is a little gross, but the laugh is worth the eww. I wouldn't want to be a jerk and have someone else suffer the eww. But anyhow. Yeah I got to High-five Zac Hanson at a show. His hands were baby-soft. He was a total sweetheart. His brothers were on adrenaline highs.

But bloggyness, Definitely thinking from the amazing unanimous agreement on animating to "Georgia," I think the answer is obvious. I have a rough storyline already and the hero and heroine sketched out. It won't be in a flash cartoony style, but you'll see what I mean mebbe later this week.
Stay tuned.
And if you need a graphic designer, go to Rae. She is a beast of talented awesome. Even helping me with getting my own set up since I haven't done a website in over 6+- years. Bless her.

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