Friday, September 28, 2007

Feeling Rubbery. But not tasting as such.

Thank you first of all everyone for your lovely comments. It's amazing how little they are they are like a little bit of adrenaline to keep going at it!

Things have been busy, have a few commissions coming up...If you're interested in one, of course, you're welcome to contact me. :) But anyhow, yes. I have some anime, UPA and Peter Max in the works.

So for now, I'll leave you with a full "art" for this card for the 4's. It's in a 1920/30's rubber hose style. Penciled on paper, and then inked and colored in painter. Ideally I'll post more for the music video next week, time permitting. I have a piece to do for a small commission (yes i do those too!) and an animation as soon as a friend get the rest of the details for me.

Fun Rubber Hose facts:
Betty Boop was originally as a dog
Also she first premiered in a Popeye Cartoon as a hula dancer
Mickey Mouse was abusive to his fellow animals.

....also. Any Final Fantasy fans out there? I'm working on an Anime style. Who should I have Zac dress up as, or COSPLAY? If you can, leave a comment someplace or email me your suggestion! I'd love to hear it!
(and I already have Isaac, Taylor and the group one picked out)

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