Thursday, September 20, 2007

Cards are started

Cards? Playing cards? In my Fandom? More likely than you think. This above is a sneak peek at what I've been working on most of the day today. Trust me the original colors are a nightmare.

But in the meantime I decided to try out the base for a little bit. I will say, the one good thing about Macintosh Computers (I work on both) is the goregous HD screens that comes standard with them. You get to see all the lovely textures. But other than that, I'm happy with either platform. Macs got their flaws as much as PC, so no skin off my back. This one just happened to meet my needs in terms of my animation work.

So yeah. That above is the template for the cards. As planned I only have a few samples set up instead because I don't want to do a whole set and then somehow bad business management either sleazy or stupid on my part could easily come in and take away my hours of unpaid work. These took me all day! *sob* I had the props artist of "Dogma" as a teacher for sound tech classes back in college. He did Buddy Christ. But because of poor management, he doesn't get kickback on all those action figures. If you're in Philly, go Check him out. He's awesome.

And to cap off the night, a random drawing that's sadly inspired by what's becoming numerous observations by others. It's totally innocent. I think it's precious when people online make the assumption my self-portrait is Taylor, and not to mention had someone remark on my John Lennon/Newspaper Boy hat AND my favourite awesome scarf AND my haircut being all inspired by Taylor. No, I'm sorry, darlings. I love you. You're precious. The ones I've spoken to so far have been mostly sane, which says a lot, -but no. I don't want to be, nor am she-Tay. (ha pun) Let's go shopping. At least I think his suspenders are awesome.


Rachel said...

dude, the you and taylor drawing is awesome! i saw it as your icon first, and instantly knew what it was, even though it was cropped.

and yay for cards! :)

Lily said...

You kick a lot of ass. Thank Jesus somebody is coming up with a better deck of cards than that heartbreaking pile of waste Kodiak pulled out of his aft deck. If you haven't considered doing up an entire deck (or just the face cards), you ought to. There's prestige there.

I dig your stuff. :) Good luck with all your projects.