Friday, September 14, 2007

AMG! Animatic! Testing the waters now.

Comments and critiques are warmly welcomed. Besides. I have a thick skin for a good crit.

I'm testing my waters now. Here's the animatic. I pray Fanaxis will be merciful. *crosses fingers* I would much rather a cease and desist order than coming online to find this deleted, am I right? But this is part of the animatic so far. It takes time to do things like this! A three minute animation can take up to 9 months going solo.

Now from here on in, things will be slower. Why? I'm looking for work. (Hire me? Please? I love people! I work hard!) My site is also up so please take a moment to have a look.

But anyhow, honor my watermark. Don't redistribute. Don't save it to your harddrive. Go buy the CD. Yadda yadda yadda

Also Immense love to the band and their tour right now. They're walking for AIDS awareness in Africa before the performances, too. I love the idea. I think it's aweseome. I just wish I had the money to go to one of their shows this time around. Unfortunately I don't, but this will have to do. Enjoy!


Rachel said...

oooh, i love it so far! can't wait to see more (when you have time).

hmfan said...

i loove it... it's amazing.. keep going =)