Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm not dead!

To quote Monty Python. I am still alive and kicking!

I've just been incredibly busy. For one, I had been unfortunately laid off from my job due to lack in work for me. Blah, disappointment, but that's how it is. So back to the grind and other things to pay bills, eh? Freelancing in an area rooted in retail and tourism is fairly difficult, so I figure to make the best of it, and go for broke. But either way, this is a post directed to Hanson. ;) All in good fun, of course!

Dear Mr. Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson,

I write this letter in the intention to bring your attention to a brilliant marketing campaign. As I'm sure you know, you have a solid, dedicated fan base, comprised mostly of women.

And here, my good sirs is where you can take advantage of that in new Merchandise. Now, I know in the past you have avoided the concept of dolls and your faces on various food stuffs back in the hayday. I present to you, a money-making opportunity, and potentially for charity, outside of TOM's which admittedly is a wonderful, brilliant idea. -Though I, like many others cannot afford a pair of 40+ d0llar shoes that will have to be replaced eventually.

So drawing on the fact that your base is rooted mainly in women, and some men, I wish to draw your attention to the images below:

The original design is by me, and the sculptures were done by Joedson Rosa who took me completely by surprise with making these, inspired by my drawing/character design.
There is currently a new sub culture out there as I am sure you are aware of like Kid Robot, Ugly Doll, and the Japanese figures that float around ebay such as Nendoroid, Pinky St (similar to the BRATZ dolls, but if you ask me, far more kid-friendly), and PVC statues. There are people out there that love cute things. They will buy said cute things, and I admittedly, am one of those said people.
I'm telling you, these would be a great limited-edition item to sell, with if you wish, profits made after labour going to charity of your choice, though I would like to push for education.
Either way! Think about it: you'd already have on hand your designer and prototype artist waiting to be picked up. When you do, please contact both Joedsonrosa and I.

Yours Truly
Beth S.
b.stepenaski [at] gmail [dot] com
In the meantime I still am trying to work between currently two jobs and figuring out computer issues with my mac. It doesn't seem to want to take Flash. It'll crash each time I boot it up. How bothersome. May need to clean it out more, and hopefully have some downtime to work on the backgrounds.
Plus if you read my NORMAL BLOG, I have posted about a show I worked on has won a shared Emmy. Very cool. Keep your eyes on the shelves though this Easter for some of my bunnies.
But seriously though! LOOK AT THOSE! It makes me insanely happy to have inspired someone. :)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Good things come to those who wait.

Shock and horror! This has been embarassingly way too long since my last art post!

Blame the holidays, life, work, and friends of course. But mostly work and getting my life in order with changes and such.

That does not mean I'm stopping this though!

So a delayed Christmas treat.

The animatic is complete! Enjoy! Leave your crits and comments!
Thank you again everyone who has been leaving comments when I have posted! I intend on getting back on track with it! :D The file is so big that I can't load it onto blogger properly, so for your benefit, I have it on YouTube.

If that doesn't work then here is the direct link.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

No art at the moment, Sorry!

I've got a busy week ahead! Job interview and catching a cold. What timing!

I do though have stuff to post! Honest! It's just a matter of getting better enough to sit down and scan the 60+ storyboards and one Card image. And then the storyboards have to be put into the animatic and timed out properly which can take a whole day and a lot of concentration.

And to the commenter, hitz, on my previous post, please email me either at or to get in contact with me if you want some art. I'm unable to get your email address unless you were the one I was speaking to earlier? If you can help clear it up for me, it'd be greatly appreciated! Thank you~!

So yes! The whole version of my "Georgia" animatic is on its way as well as a card! It's part of my cosplay series and I had a slight change with Isaac. But you'll see!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

"cosplay" fun. 1 of 4

So here's a bit of a reveal for the fun of Halloween! I would love to have a little something around the borders to make this more exciting, but I will have to wait until later with these.

So what on earth is Taylor dressed as?

First of all, this is obviously the Anime segment of the card series. I plan on doing all 4 of these ideally. Taylor here is dressed as Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club. Actually an incredibly adorable anime and manga series. I don't care much for giving a synopsis as the plots usually sound dumb. But below is the "full" version and then the inspiration. Enjoy!

Obviously large stylistic differences are due to the fact I don't want to have it identical to the actual show. Done in pen and copic marker on bristol board.

And I need a favor. Really silly. Unless it can be answered here. Could anyone during the walks ask Zac Hanson which character he would be in Final Fantasy? I know. Really dorky. But I need to know so I can get his piece done in a timely fashion. I have Isaac set to be Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon, but Zac? I've been torn between Vaan and Wakka. Help!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Donation Art

Apologies for the lack of art last week. I'm starting on a new project for a friend's film

In the meantime I donated some art to this Cafe Press Shoppe's Aids awareness area where all the profits go to Toms Shoes. Go check out their cause.

And enjoy the art! And go support it! Whoot!

Friday, October 5, 2007

We all live in a Yellow Submarine

First of all a little Get well soon art for Isaac.
Good gracious! It's been a heck of a week! Poor Isaac getting sick like that and needing surgery~ Wow. But I need to say, the fandom has been AMAZING! As a team, the Live Journal Hanson Community tried getting him flowers (so sweet) and were raising money for TOMS Shoes and HIVSA. I admit to donating as well (only $5 I'm a poor artist hehe). I didn't go to the Philadelphia, NYC, Baltimore or DC walks/shows that were in driving distance, and I wanted to show my support somehow. Such a lovely way. I adore the fandom's shining stars. :)

But anyhow above is the clover-or clubs. I figured three leaves, three guys. Made sense to me. :) The style this one emulates is Peter Max. Best known for his work in the 60's and art in Yellow Submarine. It's a tricky style to do but it was fun giving it a swing!


Friday, September 28, 2007

Feeling Rubbery. But not tasting as such.

Thank you first of all everyone for your lovely comments. It's amazing how little they are they are like a little bit of adrenaline to keep going at it!

Things have been busy, have a few commissions coming up...If you're interested in one, of course, you're welcome to contact me. :) But anyhow, yes. I have some anime, UPA and Peter Max in the works.

So for now, I'll leave you with a full "art" for this card for the 4's. It's in a 1920/30's rubber hose style. Penciled on paper, and then inked and colored in painter. Ideally I'll post more for the music video next week, time permitting. I have a piece to do for a small commission (yes i do those too!) and an animation as soon as a friend get the rest of the details for me.

Fun Rubber Hose facts:
Betty Boop was originally as a dog
Also she first premiered in a Popeye Cartoon as a hula dancer
Mickey Mouse was abusive to his fellow animals.

....also. Any Final Fantasy fans out there? I'm working on an Anime style. Who should I have Zac dress up as, or COSPLAY? If you can, leave a comment someplace or email me your suggestion! I'd love to hear it!
(and I already have Isaac, Taylor and the group one picked out)