Tuesday, November 6, 2007

No art at the moment, Sorry!

I've got a busy week ahead! Job interview and catching a cold. What timing!

I do though have stuff to post! Honest! It's just a matter of getting better enough to sit down and scan the 60+ storyboards and one Card image. And then the storyboards have to be put into the animatic and timed out properly which can take a whole day and a lot of concentration.

And to the commenter, hitz, on my previous post, please email me either at b.stepenaski@gmail.com or plastickettlefish@gmail.com to get in contact with me if you want some art. I'm unable to get your email address unless you were the one I was speaking to earlier? If you can help clear it up for me, it'd be greatly appreciated! Thank you~!

So yes! The whole version of my "Georgia" animatic is on its way as well as a card! It's part of my cosplay series and I had a slight change with Isaac. But you'll see!

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