Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Scant Preliminary Drawings

Meet Georgia. Our heroine for the animation. You know it can't be a video without one! I have the hero also sketched but I'll save him for another day sometime.

Currently I have about 1/5 of the boards sketched between working on my pitchbook for a graphic novel and doing necessary chores. (and also need to get back to another person about their own pitch they wish me to work on them with)

Anyhow. General idea for the animation is cutout and traditional animation, going between Flash and After Effects. The storyline will involve our heroine and her beau, her finding out she has to move for a job, and drama ensues. Song will be "sung" from the hero's POV.

I don't plan on sending this around to festivals and ect. It's again, something I'm doing for the heck of it since creatively, I haven't had any burning desire as of late to create my own film. Well so to speak this is my own film, but more a personal project. If it was to turn to that, then maybe, but hey. That's if it was to get the appropriate party's attention first and foremost. Either way, this will be just for fun.

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