Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Flash8 seedlings

Status: Not done yet.
Used: Pencils for the roughs, Flash 8 for Ink and Paint
Time: 3 hours from scratch for each, plus distractions and flash getting weird.

I felt inspired to do these as part of a small sample set of playing cards in response to those I saw done by "authorized/official" artist of theirs, Kodiak. I was just feeling super disappointed in the art for the cards to the point I decided to do my own.

Life in the meantime is throwing curve balls in the meantime keeping me from finishing the background and props here. I would like to finish this soon.

1 comment:

taylorintwilight said...

lol, i love this... though I automatically think 'The Chipmunks' haha, anyway, all you work rawks.