Sunday, October 28, 2007

"cosplay" fun. 1 of 4

So here's a bit of a reveal for the fun of Halloween! I would love to have a little something around the borders to make this more exciting, but I will have to wait until later with these.

So what on earth is Taylor dressed as?

First of all, this is obviously the Anime segment of the card series. I plan on doing all 4 of these ideally. Taylor here is dressed as Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club. Actually an incredibly adorable anime and manga series. I don't care much for giving a synopsis as the plots usually sound dumb. But below is the "full" version and then the inspiration. Enjoy!

Obviously large stylistic differences are due to the fact I don't want to have it identical to the actual show. Done in pen and copic marker on bristol board.

And I need a favor. Really silly. Unless it can be answered here. Could anyone during the walks ask Zac Hanson which character he would be in Final Fantasy? I know. Really dorky. But I need to know so I can get his piece done in a timely fashion. I have Isaac set to be Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon, but Zac? I've been torn between Vaan and Wakka. Help!


Hitz said...
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Hitz said...

hi... i really wanted to talk to you... i don't know it it's possible for you to do a couple of draws from some pics, so i could give it as a present to my friend! of course i would pay you... please contact me if you're interested...