Friday, October 19, 2007

Donation Art

Apologies for the lack of art last week. I'm starting on a new project for a friend's film

In the meantime I donated some art to this Cafe Press Shoppe's Aids awareness area where all the profits go to Toms Shoes. Go check out their cause.

And enjoy the art! And go support it! Whoot!


roberta said...

hey... i saw your link somewhere don't remember now... hehe i'm from brazil, i have a site too but a fan site... I really liked your draws, can I link you???
and I wanna know if you could send me one picture that i really liked... to put on my site =)
I'm waitin' your repply


Eva said...

absolutely beautiful! i bought a shirt with your design on it for the cause!

and i love it! :) it's amazing!
in the spirit of love and peace always

Anonymous said...

I absolutly love this piece. I'm considering using it as my computer wallpaper!! It's really cute. Your very talented!!!